Cool Locations For Your East Bay Engagement Photos

last updated- april 3rd, 2019

here is a list of locations in the east bay of northern california that i recommend for your engagement session. i’ll continue to update this list as i discover and photograph more places that i fall in love with (and that i think you’ll love, too)! i live in the east bay and i wanted to create a list that caters to couples who are interested in, or live in, this area as well. these locations are spread throughout berkeley, oakland, piedmont, etc.

let me know if you have questions about any of these places by clicking the email icon at the bottom of this page. reach out here to schedule a couples session with me. go here to view more of my sessions :)

click a location title to view more photos from the session i did there. wooo! 

Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a perfectly lush, green, and shaded location for photos. There are towering trees, paved walkways along small creeks, benches, grass areas, and even a Japanese Tea House. The deeper into the park you go, you’ll find a gorgeous view of the city that sits right above a huge set of stairs surrounding an art covered wall. This park is like a mini hidden forest with so much to see and very few people around. For an engagement session, it’s easy to just make a loop and end up right where you started. Some parts of the walk are just a little bit steep so it’s best to wear comfortable shoes.

Lake Anza

lake anza is tucked away, soooo unbelievably green, and the energy is magical (you’ll feel it). This can especially be a good location for you two if you don’t want to do much walking during your session. It doesn’t take much to get from one side of the lake to the other, and there are so many photo opportunities along the way. Trees to climb, the lake to swim in, rocks to sit and chill on, etc. There’s also a spacious grass area on the other side of the trees. awesome for a picnic. The lake is actually right in Tilden Park, so it’s easy to catch a path that takes you away from the lake area to explore more of what Tilden has to offer.

also just want to throw this out there… i want to photograph a couple swimming in the lake one day :) Here is the link for the lake’s most recent schedule and updates.

Upper Rockridge neighborhood

If you want to go for a neighborhood feel in your engagement photos, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your own neighborhood if you don’t want it to be. The hilly Upper Rockridge neighborhood, right next to Temescal lake, is gorgeous. Amazing homes, tall trees, wide empty streets/cul-de-sacs, and it’s pretty easy to find a good view of the city. You can have a comfortable and intimate, just-stepped-out-of-the-house feel in your photos, while still featuring the cityscapes and greenery of the bay area.

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