photo by Emmalaine Berry

photo by Emmalaine Berry

photo by Carah Jo

photo by Carah Jo

(pronounced uh-my-ruh)

hey! I’m a bay area wedding photographer.

every day i learn that the human connection i’ve been trying to understand since i was younger is more and better than what i ever thought it was. with photography, i get the opportunity to learn more about people and strengthen the connection between us. I’ve photographed plenty of couples and helped them feel like themselves and really see themselves in their photos. photos that hold big moments and small glances, hand-holds, laughs, and kisses that will live in their hearts for years, no matter where life takes them.

the thing that pushes me forward is you. the resilience and beauty of humans drives my work. i thrive when working with couples who are down to connect with me, so that it feels like we’re doing more than just taking photos (because we are). we’re hanging out and experiencing connection in an environment where we can all just exist and be ourselves. i love being barefoot outdoors, laughing hard, ordering food for delivery, and feeling chemistry with someone.

other things

  • i’m queer

  • love my mom (go here)

  • this is one of my favorite songs

  • I have a “funny videos” saved folder on instagram that’s about 80% jay versace

  • i lived in Alaska for 5 years