(pronounced uh-my-ruh)

 photo by my real sister. *i will not wear sweatpants to your wedding

photo by my real sister. *i will not wear sweatpants to your wedding

we belong together

every day i learn that the human connection i’ve been trying to understand since i was younger is more and better than what i ever thought it was. photography gives me the chance to keep learning as i use my camera to strengthen the connection between us. i thrive when working with couples who are down to talk and connect with me so much that for a second we forget we’re taking photos (because what we’re doing is bigger than that). we’re experiencing a real connection and an environment where simple existence can unfold. i’m so happy to be able to continuously meet beautiful people and make tangible proof of love that is bountiful and ours to revel in.

so many small things make me feel lucky to experience this life- being barefoot outdoors, laughing hard, ordering food because it’s easier that way, and feeling chemistry with someone- to name a few. as painful and confusing as life can sometimes be, i’m so glad i’m here because every great day feels like the best days of my freakin life. and on the worst days, i am able to remember that there’s always a way out of a bad season.

the thing that pushes me forward is you. the resilience and beauty of humans is significant and it drives my work. i’m interested in you as a person and you two as a couple.

working with me is simply about existing with me. it’s about connecting and making images and laughing because somehow everything is funny when there’s a camera in your face.


  • i lived in Alaska for 5 years (not a military kid :)

  • i’m queer

  • i love my mom (go here)

  • something i’m looking forward to for my own future wedding someday is dancing forever after the ceremony

  • this is one of my favorite songs