hello! I’m amira.

I love knowing that, with the careful use of light and time, photographs can make people feel things. I use a quiet and thoughtful approach when photographing couples, invoking within them a deep recognition of and excitement for life’s simple pleasures.

From the first time you two reach out to me, I’ll move towards having a more personal relationship with you to allow for real connection between us and an environment where simple existence can unfold. More than a photographer, I want to be a person by your side. this will be about human connection! I love to work with couples who can fill the room and outdoor air with laughter during our time together.


“Yesterday was full of magic and such a fantastic evening. It definitely felt like friends hanging out and that’s exactly what we are!! Thank you for making everything easy and comfortable, I wouldn’t change a single thing!!! Ideal photographer no doubt” - Juanita after her and leRoy’s engagement session


“Wow Amira!!! I love them! You are so talented and have such an eye for things. I am smiling looking through all of the photos, you really captured us!” -Whitney


“Amira was a magnificent, essential addition to our wedding vendors! We were able to coordinate one-on-one meetings when we were in town, used email and instagram messaging and she was ALWAYS a text message or phone call away. This woman has a true GIFT! I AM IN LOVE WITH OUR PHOTOS. We stare at them constantly! They are gorgeous! They are joy! They are happiness. They are light!” - Tiffany