Having photos of you and the person you love is so important. The photos should say something about who you two are, as individuals and together. They should be full of honesty and emotion. I use a quiet and thoughtful approach when photographing couples, invoking a deep recognition of and excitement for life’s simple pleasures -experiencing love and being together. I love working with couples who can fill the room and outdoor air with laughter during our time together. Bring yourselves, your open minds, and your hearts, and I’ll make sure that all three of our hearts are poured into the photos we make

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“Yesterday was full of magic and such a fantastic evening. It definitely felt like friends hanging out and that’s exactly what we are!! Thank you for making everything easy and comfortable, I wouldn’t change a single thing!!! Ideal photographer no doubt” - Juanita after her and leRoy’s engagement session


“Wow Amira!!! I love them! You are so talented and have such an eye for things. I am smiling looking through all of the photos, you really captured us!” -Whitney


“Amira was a magnificent, essential addition to our wedding vendors! We were able to coordinate one-on-one meetings when we were in town, used email and instagram messaging and she was ALWAYS a text message or phone call away. This woman has a true GIFT! I AM IN LOVE WITH OUR PHOTOS. We stare at them constantly! They are gorgeous! They are joy! They are happiness. They are light!” - Tiffany