i care about the moments of our lives that will never be repeated in the same flawed and perfect ways

i care about the moments of our lives that will never be repeated in the same flawed and perfect ways



oooo! i do many things for my clients that involve me looking far beyond my camera. i’ll help you find your other vendors, search for session locations, send you things i know you’ll love, and be the calm and grounded presence at your wedding. i love my job. i’ll just be there. my clients help me LIVE MY DREAM, and i always make sure my business displays how grateful i am for the people who join me on this journey. you’ll feel taken care of

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Do you photograph weddings solo or with a team?

solo! but depending on the details of your wedding day and timeline, you two might decide to add a second photographer to your package. if you’re intrigued, let me know

Are you taking inquiries for anything outside of couples and families?

not right now!

what type of couples do you work with?

this is always an interesting question that i get from people after i tell them i photograph couples. i guess i’d say i work with couples who simply go with the flow. to them, there’s no need to fix things or avoid life’s imperfections. wind, rain, slight delays in the wedding day schedule— it is what it is. they remain curious, laugh about things, and embrace the love around them. they’re honest and thoughtful and ready to make art with me

how long have you been a photographer?

5 beautiful years

do you photograph LGBTQ couples?

of course! i’m queer myself

the booking process

can we meet you before booking you?

yess! this is especially important for wedding and elopement couples. we’ll meet through skype, facetime, or in person. i’m going to be hanging out with you and your people one of the most intimate and emotional days of your lives, so i want you to feel comfortable with me and confident in your decision. i want us to get a head start on knowing things about each other outside of the wedding stuff. all of our zodiac signs, HOBBIES, VALUES, what we love the most about life

do we have to pay a retainer to book you?

yea! to book me, you’ll need to electronically sign our contract and pay a nonrefundable retainer. Without both of those things, I can't hold your date. retainer: $1,000 for weddings // 50% of your total price for elopements and sessions. your remaining balance will be due one month before your event. We can set up a schedule to stretch out the remainder of your payment over time

*if you book your session or elopement kinda last minute (4 weeks out or less), you’ll just pay in full at the time you sign the contract

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