Skype/Facetime learning sessions

made for photographers.

I want to do so much more than share the photos I take. I want to listen to and care about the people around me, whether we're doing art or life. Whether these people are potential clients, strangers, friends, or other photographers. Doing these learning sessions for other photographers has given me the opportunity to do something I feel called to do, which is to be open with my gifts and locate the gifts of others. Nothing about my work is a secret. This job has revealed me to myself and revealed my heart to others. So I think the least I can do is be open about my processes and lessons learned with other photographers who are interested. If that's you, and you'd like some insight, resources, and encouragement, I'd love to know who you are. We can talk about the following things (and more)

communication with clients (and potential clients) 

editing (in lightroom)

getting your portfolio started


camera gear

finding your (ever-changing) self in your work

social media

the psychology behind what we do and how to use it

helping individuals and couples feel comfortable during photo sessions

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