i am so interested in you and i hope we can meet! just fill out the contact form! 

 --How far in advance should I book you? 

Whenever you're ready! I'm currently booking 2018 and 2019. Though I've booked weddings on as short as 3 month notice, it's best for you to book me 7 months to 1 year in advance. For sessions, I'd say 2 to 7 months in advance. Either way, don't hesitate to contact me. I like to make things work

--My session/wedding is outside of Northern California. What are the travel costs?

I'm based in Oakland, California and I love to travel for work! When I leave Northern Cali, clients cover my flight, ground transportation (cheap!), and my short stay in an airbnb or hotel. Depending on your location, we might be able to scratch the airbnb part

  --Do you work with a second photographer for weddings? What about a videographer?

I photograph all weddings solo! I know of a few videographers that I'd love to work beside, and I'd be happy to recommend them to you if you need suggestions

--Can I read your reviews written by clients?

Yep! Here.

--What is your turnaround time?

6 weeks for weddings. 2 weeks for sessions.

If the contact form has issues, email me directly-

weddings start at $4000 for 6 hours. photo sessions start at $500. weddings include a couples session. *
tell me about yourselves. what draws you to my work?