Things I use!

Nikon D750

see it here

Bowery Ona Bag

love this bag! whenever I have my camera with me, it's in this. fits my camera body with a lens attached + one other lens. see it here

Lens Cleaning Pen

super useful for when dust or finger prints get on my lens! see it here

Sigma 35mm art lens

ah, yes. the goat. I highly highly recommend this lens. I use it pretty much all the time :) See it here

+ This is the gear that I *currently use. In the past, I've also used a Nikon D5200 and a Nikon 50mm f1.4g lens.

+I always bring a backup camera body and at least one extra lens. For weddings I also bring an external flash, if needed, for the reception.

New to photography and looking for a fairly inexpensive, but good, camera and lens? 

Nikon D5500 + Nikon 50mm 


One last thing: Don't be afraid to buy refurbished gear! Much cheaper and seems brand new. I got my Nikon D750 refurbished. Check Nikon's website, Adorama, or B&H Photo. 

Best of wishes! :)