My name's Amira

(pronounced uh-my-ruh)

Every day for me involves lots of listening to music, dancing around, laughing (harder than everyone else), and learning more about the things I'm passionate about. I'm happily a part of the LGBTQ community. This is one of my favorite songs. I love the ocean, the mountains, and the hour before sunset. I'm 23 and I graduated from Howard University's school of business. I love journaling. And love. And the type of music that our parents used to listen to. I looove sharing ideas that I learned from some of my favorite books.  I started taking photos four years ago, and this journey has given me more happiness and love than I ever could've imagined. Images make me nostalgic and hopeful + help me appreciate colors and life's simple pleasures.  

To you.

I have a very natural and documentary approach when I photograph people because I love people and everything that is special about each of us. I'm so interested in getting to know you and laughing with you and sharing stories with you and crying with you on your wedding day. I appreciate all of the random and honest moments of life, and I'm going to use my camera to document a bit of what goes on in yours- in my own way.  If you've had a look around my site, if you're passionate with a huge heart, and if you dig my photography style and believe we'd work well together, please get in touch! I'd be so happy to hear from you.