My name's Amira

(pronounced uh-my-ruh)

I got into photography four years ago, and this journey has given me more happiness and love than I ever could've imagined. Photography make me nostalgic and hopeful and helps me appreciate colors and life's simple pleasures.  It's also allowed me to meet the most amazing people and form friendships that will probably last forever (a word I believe in). I laugh all the time and harder than everyone else, and I'm almost always listening to music (indie/folk and r&b are my favorite genres). this is probably always going to be one of my favorite songs. I'm happily part of the LGBTQ community and I love the ocean, the mountains, and the hour before sunset. I'm 23 and I graduated from Howard University's school of business. This is my 50th attempt at typing a decent website bio (#help). Feel free to send me an email telling me about yourself and what you're looking for! 

Kind words

Instagram - @amira94